Rytech Selects VIP Software to Automate Customer Invoicing and Data Delivery

Invision™ reduces operational overhead while expediting cash flow to independent adjusting and mitigation/restoration firms.

Rytech, a leader in the water damage restoration and mold remediation industry, has subscribed to Invision™ invoicing software from VIP Software, a national provider of integrated software solutions to property and casualty insurance companies. Invision™ automates the invoice creation process through its integration with leading estimating software and delivers real-time, key performance indicators and reporting to provide the insight Rytech needs to support its aggressive growth rates.

With the company’s consistency in providing best in class service and expanding it’s already national footprint, Rytech identified the necessity to streamline its invoicing process to automate its cash flow management and to utilize data to improve service delivery and transparency in its customer relations.

Rytech’s Invision™ subscription will provide the following benefits:

  • Automated invoice creation and accounts receivables to allocate more human resource time to enhance service delivery.
  • Expedited cash flow to ensure capital for daily business operations.
  • Analytical dashboard of invoice and service activities to show clients the return-on-investment of using Rytech services versus industry competitors.
  • Back-office efficiencies, such as automated payments and AP/AR management, through integrations with common accounting software.

“We recognize, through listening to our customers, that the ability to provide them with data around our service performance has become a differentiator, and we want to show that we are also best in class in that regard,” said William “Bubba” Ryan, Rytech founder and CEO. “Having access to this critical data and the means to demonstrate our unique value to customers is the reason we subscribed to Invision™. It aligns with our commitment to earning our customers’ business one claim at a time.”

“Rytech’s exponential growth and history of success has been directly related to Bubba’s leadership in recognizing the need to employ technology to solve current industry problems,” said James Makris, president and CEO, VIP Software. “Cash flow management and the need for data are the current challenges of this customer base, and as an industry leader, Rytech recognizes the value of technology automation in solving these challenges and advancing its business.”

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