RYZE Claim Solutions Selects VIP Software to Streamline Invoicing Workflows and Improve Back-Office Efficiencies

Invision™ integrates with RYZE’s proprietary claims and accounting software to create efficiencies for managing catastrophic claims volume.

RYZE Claim Solutions, a leading national claims adjusting firm, has subscribed to Invision™ invoicing software from VIP Software, a national provider of integrated software solutions to property and casualty insurance companies. Invision integrates with RYZE’s proprietary claims and accounting software to streamline the daily management of its claims adjusting operation and offer a scalable solution for improving cash flow management during catastrophic events.

“Among other comprehensive claims services, we have hundreds of adjusters that work catastrophe claims throughout the country. Keeping up with the massive, temporary increase in adjusters and claims while maintaining a high level of service to our clients requires major technology-driven efficiencies,” said Karla Elliott, Chief Executive Officer, RYZE Claim Solutions. “We are eager to utilize the new efficiency gains that our integration with Invision has created to better service our insurance carrier clients every day and especially during the coming storm season.”

RYZE’s Invision subscription will provide the following benefits:

  • Back-office efficiencies with regard to accounting processes and quality assurance of invoicing accuracy, to allocate more human resource time to service delivery.
  • Expedited cash flow to ensure the capital to pay independent adjusters and maintain operations during a catastrophe.
  • Data and dashboards of service activities to show insurance carrier clients the value of RYZE’s adjusting services versus industry competitors.

“Each storm season, we see companies that were not adequately prepared to handle the increased claims volume brought about by catastrophic events,” said James Makris, president and CEO, VIP Software. “RYZE has been a long-time partner of VIP Software as a company that understands the value of technology automation to scale its business operations. We are excited to implement efficiencies that will enable RYZE to remain profitable in times that have historically been difficult for companies to navigate.