“You got a hole in your glove?” – Mimeo™

“You got a hole in your glove?” If you’ve ever played baseball and flat out missed a grounder, chances are you’ve heard someone yell that across the field. It’s not really feasible but the statement makes their point clear. Companies on the insurance field are playing with a proverbial hole in their glove. Their data is flying at them and just like a missed ball, it’s sails by. Even caught it does your team no good if it’s just held. The ball has to be passed to the baseman and often around the field for the most benefit.

Accurate analytical data is truly the ball on the field. You need it to play, you have to share it to win, and if passed ineffectively and no one catches it, it’s left in a computer like the key to the game being forgotten in the locker room.

Data supplies standards that are essential for improving processes, collaboration, streamlining operations and equipping for Straight Through Processing (STP). Sharing data enables users to work optimally delivering better customer satisfaction. It provides accountability between partners and vendors increasing best practices through standardization.

How do you pass data in a way where you know your team can catch it and run with it? Mimeo™. the standard for expense data.

VIP Software’s Mimeo™ gives your team the competitive edge needed to compete. While other teams are being permanently benched right now Mimeo puts the data you need in the “sweet spot” of your glove allowing you to pass it effortlessly to your team to win the game.

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