“New Normal, New Solutions” – Mimeo™


As everyone is getting acclimated to our “New Normal,” the importance for businesses to rely on real time analytical data has started to sink in, even for the most resistant. Covid-19 proved that action is driven by data. We discovered quickly that those decisions are only as good as the data that drives them. It must be consistent, reliable, and instantly accessible. In the aftermath it is this kind of data and expense management that businesses who survived need to stabilize and grow in the new marketplace the pandemic created.

For some businesses shifting back into full force will mean financial aid. Proper data management will require less manpower and less headache to pull revenues, workforce statistics, and financials. A modern data program, like Mimeo™ will identify SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) necessary for officers and owners to make decisions on staffing, productivity, and operations in this rapidly changing environment. Permitting companies the ability to see how well they survived and create the right business plan to move forward.

It was through best practices corporate America sustained during this volatile time. More than ever, the need to benchmark operations against competitors while leveraging standardized data to make economic sound decisions is what we need to do. Mimeo™ provides insight and expense pricing transparency to companies who need it the most.

All the “new” can feel intimidating with decentralized work environments changing traditional workflows, business partners modifying processes, and customer needs continuing to shift. These changes can be seen as significant challenges or open our eyes to new opportunities. With the right resources for data management and expense management, new can be exciting. New opportunities. New customers. New and better ways of doing things. In a sense, new is a blank page full of prospect. VIP offers you solutions to take new and create a masterpiece.