Claims document creation and management software

for P&C insurance service providers

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How It Works

Standardized templates of your claims letters are stored in a secure, organized repository, eliminating the risk of using the wrong letter. Through our integration with leading estimating software, the templates are auto-populated with relevant claims information to ensure the accuracy, efficiency and compliance of the insurance-critical process. Our automated workflow secures the necessary management approvals before sending documents securely to the claim file and to your clients.



Standardized claim letters

Select and use pre-populated templates that guarantee the accuracy of claims correspondence.

Automatic upload to claim file

Send a copy of the letter to the claim file without need for manual upload to ensure compliance.

Electronic review and approval

Give claims management the ability to review and approve letters before delivering to customers.

Claims letters are automatically uploaded to the claim file to comply with internal and external audits.
Standardized claims letter templates are pre-populated to ensure accuracy.
Core Competency
Adjusters can focus on adjusting claims rather than administrative tasks for increased productivity and time-saving benefits.
Client Focused
In a commoditized market, truly set your business apart by offering competitive value to your clients.
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