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Be the expert in more than just handling claims.

The fact is, many insurance carriers do not have resources dedicated to managing their independent adjusting firms. And those that do, do not have any way to scale those resources during a catastrophe. What often gets sacrificed in the partnership is process, performance, product and price.

Invision gives independent adjusters and adjusting firms a tool to service their clients as superior professionals, by filling these voids that exist within most carriers, all while creating a true competitive differentiator from other firms.

Why do you need Invision?

Our software gives independent adjusters and adjusting firms the ability to shift their business model from a commoditized offering to selling profitable solutions to their trusted clients, the insurance carrier.

With the capabilities available through our software, users can help their clients become more informed about the product, service price and performance they’re receiving, while the IA and the IA firm benefits by improving revenue stream as a result of being paid on time and without dispute.

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With no licensing fee and no implementation costs required, we guarantee you’ll see a return on your investment after the first 30 days.

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How do independent adjusters and adjusting firms benefit from using Invision?

Our software enables users to deliver the business value that carriers are demanding of their industry partners, while elevating their professional brand and gaining these invaluable benefits:
Expedited Payments

If you struggle with getting paid in a timely and accurate manner, you’re not alone. Invision gives you instant invoicing capabilities based on the work you’ve already completed, so you’ll get paid more timely and with less auditing in the payment process, because you’re providing a new level of detail to your clients.


Our software is integrated with Xactware and Symbility, so firms now gain automated invoice creation functionality through those applications with Invision, programmed with your contracted fee schedules for each carrier. Invision is your centralized repository to manage your various fee schedules, as well as a tool you’re able to offer to carriers so they can manage fee schedules on their end.


Expensive, manual processes used to reconcile invoices are all automated with Invision. Just imagine the benefit to your every day operation, not to mention the scalability during a CAT.


Manage independent adjuster commissions, even adding a specified percentage to each rule; and see instantly how much commission is owed from each invoice to each adjuster.


Simplify the task of breaking out and understanding costs pertaining to supplements, for example: what are the driving factors for supplements; what percentage of claims result in supplements; and what is the average fee cost when a supplement is incurred?


Gain access to powerful data that allows you to demonstrate your value to your clients. Your customized reports give your firm a major competitive advantage over others when carriers are selecting adjusting firms, like understanding the details of what is included in the costs, such as mileage, supplements and other activity that comprises the fees.


No other IA invoicing solution is integrated with Xactware and Symbility to create invoices based from the work and estimates created on the claim in both estimating programs. This creates seamless and more efficient processes to better serve your clients and to get you paid quicker, especially invaluable in a CAT. And since it’s synched with applications you already use, it doesn’t require a time- or cost-intensive investment to get started.


Take advantage of our white label offering to raise your professional profile and personalize your service to clients. You are no longer providing only adjusting services to your clients, but also a cost analysis solution on clients’ return on investment in your firm. It’s a true differentiator.


Compliance. Compliance. Compliance. Invision ensures secure electronic collaboration with clients so confidential data is not compromised.

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