Frontier Analytics Software

Your Data Is Only As Good As The Data You Get From It

Insurers have more data to use than ever before, and by using it most effectively are able to better understand their businesses as well as the competition to make more informed decisions.

Five important factors influence whether insurers move ahead or remain status quo in the way they view and utilize their data, and whether they have the ability to respond to market demands rapidly.

  • Right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Discover invisible connections and patterns.
  • Seize the opportunity.
  • Consolidation of data.
  • Proper selection and planning.
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Why Do I Need It?

Holistic View of Your Business

When you report in silos from various software applications across your business, it tells you nothing about the way each department affects the other.  Our predictive analytics software gives you this holistic view of your business to enable data-driven decision-making that positively impacts the bottom line.

  • Gain holistic insight into your business through reporting services and customized KPIs.
  • Access real-time reporting (ROLAP).
  • Fully-implemented solution from design to production.
  • Tiered pricing model to accommodate small to enterprise-level carriers.
  • Database agnostic for plug-and-play functionality with all data sources.
  • Hosting in a world-class cloud environment, providing compliance-grade security and business sustainability.
What Does It Do?

Centralize Your Data Sources

Insurers come to us for help with a major business challenge: they have no way to measure KPIs amidst data that’s growing and sprawled across the organization.  It’s a common problem facing insurers, but it can be solved by centralizing your data sources into a data warehouse.

How Does It Work?

We Make Your Insurance Data Make Sense.

Our predictive analytics software performs the crucial step of aggregating all that data you’ve been collecting, so you can slice it and dice it to see a holistic view of your business, plus all interactions with third-party contributors.  Just imagine beginning each day with a custom report delivered to your inbox, telling you how your company is performing on KPIs that are designed by you.

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