Integration with Quickbooks

VIP Software, the technology provider for claims management software for the P&C industry, has announced its integration with QuickBooks accounting and bookkeeping software. Now with the click of a button seamlessly sync invoice, expense and commission data with QuickBooks. Eliminating the costly time of two separate systems, duplicating entered and errors.


While office functions are necessary for every business, companies often analyze these expenses to eliminate any additional cost. VIP Software offers service providers the ability to maximize both time and cost. “Integrating with QuickBooks is a big deal to our clients. This will eliminate duplicate work in the back office functions of service providers, assuring accuracy in their financial data points”, said Michael Battis, VP of Business Development. “Getting rid of the need for manual imports will save them time and simplify their accounting processes”.


This integration will work with all QuickBooks systems, the desktop, and online versions, allowing all VIP Software clients to utilize this powerful tool. This new update simply fulfills the mission the VIP team stands by so strongly, “To transform processes into profit for P&C providers.


Watch for future press releases to see more about how VIP Software is continually innovating and revolutionizing claims management software with the P&C company in mind.


Please feel free to reach out to Mike Battis for further information