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The claims department is an ideal sandbox for insurers that are ready to experiment with innovation.

Claims leads the way for high impact transformation by Karen Furtado, Strategy Meets Action

Carriers are saving more than 20% on vendor invoices and reviewing 80% fewer invoices manually.

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Our plug-and-play software transforms P&C insurance collaboration into secure, end-to-end automation.

What We Do

We’re technology people who understand the business of insurance. We deliver innovative software products used by top 25 P&C insurance carriers to automate critical processes and enhance operational excellence, while providing reports that help companies take advantage of data-driven analysis.

Since claims are often the single largest spend for most carriers, identifying operational improvements in the claims process is one of the most effective strategies to drive profitable growth. Our products take claims best practices off of the white board and into consistent, automated execution, embedding operational efficiency throughout your claims discipline. Carriers that can leverage the right claims technology not only reduce loss adjustment expenses; they can also reposition their human capital, enhancing the customer service experience with vendors, customers and agents.

Our Robust, Scalable Infrastructure

Our software is built on enterprise-class infrastructure to deliver performance, security and control suitable for demanding production environments. Designed with the technical control and security measures required to meet a variety of regulatory and industry standards, your organization is enabled to meet many of its own compliance and safety requirements. Through our high-performance, private cloud platform, you maximize privacy and uptime to support rigorous workloads, with access to 24/7/365 support, which we understand is critical to our customers.

Bill Audit Pro

Bill Audit Pro

Our insurance claims software is a vendor management platform that automates the invoicing process between vendors and carriers, resulting in expense reduction and detailed reporting.



P&C insurance companies use our insurance software to collaborate securely  with third parties and to guarantee the accuracy of claims correspondence.

Frontier Analytics

Frontier Analytics

Our software aggregates data from all insurance departments, giving P&C insurance carriers the means to make data-driven business decisions.

“The marriage of technology and service offered by VIP Software is refreshing, which is the reason we’ve built such a successful relationship. That ability has made Bill Audit Pro a perfect solution for a need in our industry to better service our customers. It also benefits our company by allowing our processes to work seamlessly together with our customers.”
Karla Elliott, CEORYZE Claim Solutions