Our plug-and-play software transforms P&C insurance collaboration into secure, end-to-end automation.

About Us

What We Do

Deliver innovative, cost-effective workflow solutions to improve expense management, manual processes and reporting capabilities.

Who We Serve

P&C insurance carriers and independent adjusting firms.

Why Carriers Use Our Software

  • Process automation
  • Expense management
  • Data insights

Why IA firms use our software

  • Cash flow management
  • Scalability
  • Deliver business value

Our Products

BAP for Carriers

Claims expense management software that enforces contracted fees with third party providers. And so much more.

Invision for IA Firms

White label product that offers instant invoicing capabilities to expedite cash flow and heighten business value to clients.


Document creation and management software that enables secure claims correspondence with third parties.

Frontier Analytics

Data insights, on demand, to make informed decisions about your business.

Carriers processing 5,000 invoices per month experience claims leakage of $4.3 million per year.

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Karla Elliott

Karla Elliott, CEO

RYZE Claim Solutions

“The marriage of technology and service offered by VIP Software is refreshing, which is the reason we’ve built such a successful relationship. That ability has made BAP and Invision a perfect solution for a need in our industry to better service our customers. It also benefits our company by allowing our processes to work seamlessly together with our customers.”