Mimia is the expense analytics software that provides reliable, consistent, instantly accessible data to the industry. A BI-powered data program that can uncover business practices that were previously near impossible to identify and manage. Empowering our clients to focus on best practices and standardized pricing. Mimia is one of the newest and fastest growing tools provided by VIP.

What Mimia can do for you

  • Accumulates expense and other pertinent data from invoices
  • Provides real-time analysis
  • Over $10 Billion in claims data already analyzed and available
  • Extensive reporting functions

Why you should use Mimia

  • Benchmark: Leverage data to determine best practices and pricing
  • Real time analysis provides valuable insight to amplify your ability to optimize and manage LAE and indemnity
  • The ability to forecast and remain agile in an ever-changing industry
  • Provides reinsurers past data to mitigate risk and predict more accurate outcomes

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