Swyfft Standardizes Service Providers on VIP Software

Swyfft, LLC, along with its preferred partners, has subscribed to VIP Software’s suite of claims expense management solutions. The standardization will result in more accurate billing by vendor firms while providing Swyfft with consistent, clean data to drive business decisions.

Swyfft continues to grow through its own unique brand of insurance industry disruption. From its inception, Swyfft has valued the experience and knowledge that its independent agents provide—keeping the agent’s and the insured’s interest at the forefront of Swyfft’s evolution. Swyfft utilizes unique data sources and proprietary analytics to make buying homeowners insurance as easy as the click of a button. In keeping with the company’s history of building on and cherishing relationships within the insurance industry, Swyfft has engaged VIP Software to provide vendor partners with transparency into their accounts receivables to run and scale operations. Independent agents and policyholders will appreciate Swyfft’s dedication to an always-improving claims experience.

Swyfft will use VIP Software’s claims expense management suite to centralize, automate and standardize billing practices with vendor partners. As a true claims expense management solution, VIP Software will integrate with Swyfft’s estimating platform for complete insight into estimating charges and fees, and to understand its total claims expenses.

“Swyfft relies on collecting and analyzing data from unique sources in order to provide an affordable premium quote and a policy in seconds, giving agents and consumers a fast and friendly experience when looking for homeowner insurance.  The experience with a Swyfft claim should mirror that same outcome,” expressed John Langowski, Swyfft’s Chief Claim Officer. “We need the ability to use data from various sources and applications, and share information with our service partners during the claim process to enhance the overall experience.  BAP™ is an efficient addition to our technology ecosystem that allows us to aggregate data for benchmarking on claims adjusting and servicing expenses in order to assess return on investment with each of our suppliers. More importantly, BAP guarantees the accuracy of each supplier invoice for quick payment, with little need for human review and involvement, while at the same time providing scalability through automation in times of volume.”

“Swyfft continues to innovate rapidly as new technology becomes available to solve industry challenges and improve the policyholder experience. By mandating that all vendor partners use VIP Software, Swyfft will be able to scale with ease and gain the confidence of knowing costs are controlled and managed with precision,” said Jenna Kinsman, VP Sales, VIP Software.

About VIP Software

VIP Software is a national provider of integrated software solutions to property and casualty insurance carriers, adjusting firms, restoration companies and contractors. VIP Software transforms process into profit for its customers by automating processes that are critical to business operations and making them more efficient, accurate, cost effective and data driven. VIP Software is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Learn more at vipsoftware.com.

About Swyfft, LLC

Swyfft uses patented analytical methods and unique data sources to more accurately assess the risks to homes and property. In most cases, this enables Swyfft to provide a premium quote and policy in a few seconds using just the property address. The streamlined process allows Swyfft to offer its network of Independent Agents the ability to act in real time, in line with homeowners’ expectations. By employing unique data to provide a better user experience, Swyfft is able to attract a large volume of customers. By utilizing a more sophisticated underwriting process, the company is able to underwrite and properly price, enhancing its market stability.