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An expense reconciliation and reserve management solution that provides compliance and containment of costs of third party claims service providers.

Our web-based application is an end-to-end solution, from vendor invoice creation through automated review and approval for payment, to automated payment. No manual or human intervention is needed, made possible through our integration with leading auto and property estimating software. Our automated reports are as valuable to carriers as the efficiencies gained from using our insurance claims management software. Get holistic insight into the detail of your vendor expenses and operation at a moment’s request – no more scrambling to put reports together.
With these metrics at your fingertips and guaranteed ROI, you are empowered to make improvements to your bottom line.

Are you manually reviewing every single invoice for accuracy?

Many property and casualty insurance carriers are manually reviewing invoices from their vendors – if they’re reviewing them at all. This manual process consumes excessive claims department manpower and results in a backlog of invoices late for payment and often overpayment. With vendors representing a major cost of your LAE, you can’t afford not to adopt this vendor management solution.
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Our property and casualty insurance claims  expense management software reconciles all invoices from your vendors against the contracted fee schedules. It flags only those invoices that do not meet the fees, so your staff is manually reviewing only a small percentage of invoices; while putting the power of automated reports at your fingertips.


productivity and cost-saving benefits

Batch Functionality

Automatically review and mark ‘ready for payment’ a handful of invoices from one vendor, consolidating the time and cost of check writing.

Supplemental Workflow

Flexible rules engine automatically reconciles the correct supplemental fees, for increased automation, accuracy and time savings.

Automated Payments

Process independent adjuster payments automatically and cost effectively, while maintaining accurate expense allocation.

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