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Controls & Processes Benefits
Accuracy & Timeliness Benefits
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Brand Loyalty

– Not getting the top IAs.
– Lack quantity/quality resources in a CAT.
– Lose IAs to another carrier.

We solve these business challenges for our customers.

Fee Schedule Management

– Multiple fee schedules with many firms.
– Managing T&E fees vs. flat fees. 
– Non-standardized or competitive fees.

Manual Processes

– Timely payment of invoices.
– Uploading an invoice to every claim.
– Taking resources from customer service.

Expense Management

– Lack of controls over IA expenses.
– Lack of compliance with fee schedules.
– Overpayment of adjuster fees.

Data Insights

– Lack access to timely, credible data.
– Can’t compare vendor cost to ROI.
– Don’t know what drives IA costs/reopens.


productivity and cost-saving benefits

Batch Functionality

Automatically review and mark ‘ready for payment’ a handful of invoices from one vendor, consolidating the time and cost of check writing.

Supplemental Workflow

Flexible rules engine automatically reconciles the correct supplemental fees, for increased automation, accuracy and time savings.

Automated Payments

Process independent adjuster payments automatically and cost effectively, while maintaining accurate expense allocation.

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“Your software forces carriers and adjusters to do things properly.”
– Senior Claims Manager, Property and Casualty Insurance Carrier
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